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Our Client Testimonials

"I have been using and Kalpna as my primary web development and design firm since 2010. They have great design, good price points and have always delivered to my customers needs. I look forward to doing business with this company for many years to come."

- Scott Winter,

"I have been using Kcoresys for my SEO work now for several months and I can only say that their work has been outstanding. Within a very short period of time they managed to get our ratings in the search engines up from virtually non-existent to first page for all of our major search criteria. I find them very knowledgeable, dedicated, reasonably priced and always available when I need them. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good SEO specialist."

- Holm Oostveen, President and Owner, Vitafloor USA, Inc.

"The team at is great. The service is fast, and they get it right the first time, and all at a reasonable price. I would recommend them to any of my fellow embroiderers. Great Job kcoresys!"

- Tahseen Tak

"We needed to have our website designed and optimised. We were recommended Kcoresys by another firm who had their website designed by them. We decided to give it a try, not sure of what we were in for or if Kcoresys could even handle the type of work we required. We were stunned at the website they did for us. The design was so creative and it perfectly suited our line of work. They even took the effort to select such an appropriate back ground for our web pages. The content was so precise and defined our business so well. The images that they used were beyond what we could have ever imagined. It was no short of perfect."

- Michael

"We needed to have our website optimised. What Koresys did for us, we have no words to describe it. They used keywords and techniques that made our website so popular. We began receiving so many business queries within a few days. We could never have imagined what a difference it would make to our business to have a well-designed and well optimised website. "

- Christopher

"Now we are convinced that it pays to go with the best. Ever since Kcoresys designed our web site we have never looked at another SEO organisation. The need just never arose; they have taken care of every aspect and not left one area untouched. Kcoresys has done for us what we never imagined possible. Our experience has been just excellent and we would like to advise anyone out there who wants SEO to go with Kcoresys. "

- Matthew

"We were on the lookout for an SEO organisation to take charge of our company’s SEO requirements. We had put the word out and there were a few firms that approached us. However we were not quite charmed with their ideas and suggestions. They seemed very plain and seemed to lack the winning edge in them. Then a friend referred Kcoresys and suggested we try them out. That was a few years ago and we haven’t looked back ever since."

- Joshua

"We had a few ideas and needed to get them formulated in to our website. We discussed what we had in mind with the team at Kcoresys. They understood exactly what we desired. That was a delight, because sometimes it is very difficult to get ideas across. The Kcoresys team not only understood what we had in mind but also showed us how we could build on it. What Kcoresys had to offer literally captivated us. They came up will all these ideas and concepts that literally flooded us. "

- Jacob